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Your training uh... to going to failure is going to you know fried the central nervous system is facing going to smokers riot grand adrenal glands and when you do that then you are not going to be able to optimally produce hormones and therefore you're going to run kind of into the overtraining window and uh... and knock at the results you need or the hormone production that's required to get your results uh... if there is one bonus one that outcome is a double-edged sword if you are looking to boost testosterone production I do not recommend wearing clothes like you know yoga pants crap like that because once you put that on that does drop your testosterone level because your body just feels a little feminine little girlie but on the other side of that is if you are a man if you are rocking high testosterone levels infiltrate aware that stuff because it’s also a feeling it does last forever and yahoo now you may have a great doing it but you know that's got a deficit partybingham and having high testosterone levels to give way to maintain a because you are to have that inner confidence to where you can support it in sport it well so there you have a kind of the seven are based on my seven plus the bonus tipoff how to magically boost testosterone do you have any questions and make sure you comment below check out those links get you guys are free gifts now you guys know and going south about tennis gone homeowner forward ba0 I'll me are Ames’s Mike Matthews from %ah supply dotcom judge Korean other most life podcast and in this podcast will be talking about rep ranges ideal red green jerseys lotto what opinions out there like he’s out there on a share some research and also some own experiences with my own body and with working with now hundreds of people and I'm it'll be different and a common have bought a million buys out there I also we talking about few different ways that you can actually boost your testosterone levels we talking about testosterone general arms you know it's a hot subject a lot of people wonder about it how important is it really isn't even do naturally and so forth and 99 the podcast we talking I'm just about its action Oracle their road have a spin.
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